Registration Policies - All Programs


  • Registration is done through our online Uplifter system.
  • Payment must be made in full in Canadian funds.
  • Payment can be online by credit card or offline by cheque or cash. Please keep in mind that until we have received your offline payment, registration will not be considered complete and we cannot guarantee your place in the selected program.
  • Any person having two or more cheques returned to the club for insufficient funds, or two or more credit card payments declined, must make all subsequent payments to the club by either cash, certified cheque, money order or bank draft. A $25 administration fee will be charged for all NSF cheques.

Changes to Schedule

  • All known cancelled days have been factored into session pricing.
  • All WRSSSC programs are subject to change based on enrollment. Affected skaters will be notified, then the revised schedule posted.


  • The WRSSSC does not offer refunds/credits without a medical note. All requests for refunds/credits must be put in writing addressed to the Board of Directors and must be accompanied by a doctor’s note. Skaters must have missed a minimum of five consecutive sessions due to that illness or injury before a refund/credit is considered. The only exception to this policy is where there is consensus between the coach and parent/guardian that the child is too young to benefit from the lessons arranged. Such requests must be submitted by the end of the child’s fourth lesson.
  • Any refund/credit request after the final day of skating before the seasonal break will be issued as a Credit Voucher towards future ice costs (transferable to other family members) within one year.
  • The WRSSSC does not guarantee refunds/credits in the event of ice cancellations by the Arena, by mechanical breakdown, or acts of nature.

Registration Policies - STARSkate Only

  • Skaters must choose the mandatory skating times in programs.
  • To ensure maximum benefit and safety, registration is limited on some sessions and will be offered on a first come, first served basis.
  • Skaters must book at least one on-ice session at the club to register through Skate Canada as a WRSSSC home club member if they wish to be eligible to take Skate Canada tests and/or represent the club at Skate Canada sanctioned competitions.
  • All known cancelled days have been factored into session pricing; any unscheduled cancellations may be reimbursed with credits and/or buy-on time.
  • No refunds will be issued for missed lessons due to illness or personal reasons. We will make every effort to make up missed lessons but cannot guarantee it.
  • The STARSkate coach in charge has the authority to ask any skater to leave a session if they are not complying with club rules and/or our skater code of conduct.


  • Buy-ons must be approved by the STARSkate coach in charge.
  • Skaters may only buy-on to sessions for which they are qualified.
  • Buy-on rates will vary between sessions.
  • If a group lesson is included as part of a session, there is an expectation that the skater buying-on will participate in the group lesson. If the skater chooses not to participate, they will not be permitted to skate on their own, nor will any portion of the group cost be refunded.

VOLUNTEER Fee (applies to fall/winter season only)

  • A $200 volunteer fee is mandatory for each STARSkate family and must be paid with the Fall/Winter registration each year. The volunteer requirement for each year will be posted and must be satisfied by the end of the Fall/Winter season.
  • WRSSSC Board members and Adult Skaters are exempt from the volunteer fee requirement.
  • The volunteer requirement for the 2017-18 Fall/Winter season will be 10 credits, of which 5 MUST be allocated to the Jingle Blades Competition (November 24-26, 2017).
  • There are two options for payment: 1) Submit a $200 cheque payable to WRSSSC post-dated to February 28, 2018. When volunteer requirement has been fulfilled, the cheque will be returned; 2) Those who do not intend to fulfil their volunteer requirements may pay the $200 volunteer fee with their Fall/Winter 2017-18 registration; in that case, they will not be contacted throughout the year by the volunteer coordinator. 
  • One of the above options must be satisfied before a registration will be considered complete; skaters are not eligible to skate on Fall/Winter 2017-18 sessions until the volunteer fee has been processed.