Summer Registration Now Open!

Summer Registration for Skating Camps is now open

Please visit here to learn how to register a new skater. 

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The Summer 2018 Schedule will be up later this afternoon.

Please note, CanSkate is available in two 4 week sessions. Star Academy, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior are available in weekly increments, with WEEK 6 not available due to August Long Weekend (August 6-12, 2018).

BC Coast Region Synchro Seminar With Alexandra Del Vecchio

This is a BC Coast Region subsidized and supported event for skaters at the Star 3 and up level who may be interested in finding out more about synchronized skating. The Saturday seminar is for skaters Star 3 and over, as well as those who have already done Synchro at the pre-juvenile or juvenile level. Ages 8 to 13. 

Sunday’s seminar is for the higher level Free skaters and/or those skaters who have already skated Synchro at the pre-novice or higher level. If you have any questions, please ask.

COST - $25

MAY 12 - DAY 1 - Skaters Star 3-6, Pre Juvenile/Juvenile and ages 8-13

Seminar time - 10:30 am - 4:45 pm

Register Here! for Day 1


MAY 13 - DAY 2 - Skaters above Star 6, Pre-Novice and up and ages 13 and over

Seminar Time - 10:30-5:15 pm

Register Here! for Day 2

2018 Super Series Vancouver Island

The Super Series Vancouver Island Competition takes place in Parksville on April 6 - 8, 2018.

Online registration closed on Wednesday, February 28th.  Click here to submit your planned program - deadline for submission is Wednesday March 28th.

See our Competition page for all competition-related news.

this is a team event! 

We're looking to make this competition a fun team outing for our skaters, so our club has made a block booking at Tigh Na Mara Resort near Parksville. Several studios and suites have been set aside for us.

The reservation block is valid until March 6th; after that date, Tigh Na Mara will not be able to guarantee space. So please call right away to make your booking - between 8 am and 10 pm daily at 1-800-663-7373. You'll need to state you are with the White Rock South Surrey Skating Club or use the booking code 10U 8EN.


For more information about the resort, click here.

BC/YK Section Super Series STARSkate Final

The STARSkate Final competition takes place in Kelowna on March 2 - 4, 2018. The updated schedule and skater groupings are posted on the SkatinginBC website.

This competition is the final STARSkate event of 2017-2018 and will crown the Super Series Champions in Pre-Juvenile U14 and STAR 5 – Gold Free Skate. Adult events will also be offered. Region Team Competition: The Super Series Region Trophy will be awarded at the conclusion of the competition. Each Region will pre-select 10 skaters whose individual events placement will be valued with a score. The scores will be added up for a Region total score which will determine the final rankings. A process has been developed in order to equalize the categories so that an event with few skaters compares equally to an event with many skaters.

See our Competition page for all competition-related news.

Notes for parents new to CanSkate

CanSkate Organization:

  • All of our CanSkate sessions offer instruction for all levels of ability; the only difference between CanSkate 1 and CanSkate 2 is age.
  • Groups within each CanSkate class are divided based on age and/or ability. Depending on numbers, there could be 2 or 3 groups at approximately the same level.
  • Program Assistants (PAs) are young club skaters who have been trained to assist the professional club coaches on CanSkate sessions. They are identified by their red jackets. 
  • Typical class schedule:
    • 5 minutes warm up, choreographed to music
    • 30 minutes in lesson group time, which are done on circuits 
    • 5minutes cool down

Reminders for parents:

  • All CanSkate participants must wear a CSA-approved hockey helmet. There can be no exceptions; if your child does not have a proper helmet, they will not be able to attend their session.
  • Please be patient for the first few lessons. It takes time to assess skaters and organize groups; your child will likely be moved around between groups several times to find the best fit.
  • Parents must sit in the stands; they are not permitted in the players' bench area where the skaters enter and exit the ice.
  • PAs are not professional coaches; their role is to assist on the CanSkate sessions. Any questions about the program or your child's progress should be directed to the club coaches (not PAs), after the session is over, or email Canskate Director Caroline Mackeen at
  • Report cards will be handed out in December and March.

See our CanSkate page for more information about the Skate Canada CanSkate program.