Team Coaching at WRSSSC

Since 2014, WRSSSC has used the team coaching format for our STARSkate programs. The philosophy of team coaching is to provide skaters with shared lesson time with similar level skaters, and to best utilize the strengths of all our home club coaches. While figure skating is primarily an individual sport, the competitiveness and cooperation associated with group instruction in our team coaching model has had a positive impact on our club and our skaters. We are committed to using this model, as we continue to see our skaters collaborate and work together, while achieving new levels of competitive and technical success. 

Under our team coaching model, each STARSkate session includes a significant component of group instruction which is included in the session cost; typically, approximately half a skater's time is spent as part of a group while the other half is spent in individual practice and private lessons. Private lessons remain a fundamental element in a skater's development; skaters are required to choose a private lesson package as part of their registration. The size of the package depends on the skater's level (Junior, Intermediate or Senior) and what their goals and expectations are for their skating development.

Our Home Club Coaches


Julie Dunlop

STARSkate Director

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Caroline Mackeen

CanSkate Director

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Linda Carroll

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