BC Coast Region Synchro Seminar With Alexandra Del Vecchio

This is a BC Coast Region subsidized and supported event for skaters at the Star 3 and up level who may be interested in finding out more about synchronized skating. The Saturday seminar is for skaters Star 3 and over, as well as those who have already done Synchro at the pre-juvenile or juvenile level. Ages 8 to 13. 

Sunday’s seminar is for the higher level Free skaters and/or those skaters who have already skated Synchro at the pre-novice or higher level. If you have any questions, please ask.

COST - $25

MAY 12 - DAY 1 - Skaters Star 3-6, Pre Juvenile/Juvenile and ages 8-13

Seminar time - 10:30 am - 4:45 pm

Register Here! for Day 1


MAY 13 - DAY 2 - Skaters above Star 6, Pre-Novice and up and ages 13 and over

Seminar Time - 10:30-5:15 pm

Register Here! for Day 2