How to Register

ALL Registrations for WRSSSC sessions are done online through the Uplifter Registration System.

Everyone must have a Family Account to get started.

Below are instructions on how to set up your Family Account and register your Skater (s) for the coming season.  

  1. To begin, click on LOGIN at the top right corner of the page.

  2. Create Your Family Account. Add Adult/Parent as the Member, then add Skater(s) as the Participants.

  3. Once you have created your Family Account, click on Registration in the menu bar at the top of the page. You will be taken to our Program Registrations page.

  4. On the Program Registrations page, use the Registration dropdown menu bar to choose your Program (CanSkate or STARSkate). OR you can also use the Find Programs column on the left side of the page, to to filter out the program (s) you're looking for.

  5. When you have completed these steps, you will be prompted to read and agree to several club policies; once you have accepted these policies, you can confirm and check out.

  6. Payment can be online by credit card or you can choose to pay offline by cheque or cash. Please keep in mind that until we have received your offline payment, your registration will not be considered complete and we cannot guarantee your place in your selected program.

  7. At final checkout, the annual Skate Canada Membership fee of $35.65 will be automatically added to each skater's registration. This fee applies once per year (September 2018 to August 2019) and is non-refundable.

Tips for STARSkate Registrations:

Each level of STARSkate has a prescribed program, which includes some mandatory as well as optional sessions. (When skaters fulfill the requirements for their prescribed program, a discount is automatically applied at check out). See our STARSkate page for more detailed descriptions of these programs.

To more easily find the sessions at your level, there are two options on the Program Registration page:

  1. Use the Registration dropdown menu bar to select STARSkate, and then your level (Junior, Intermediate, Senior). This gives a list filtered to those sessions for which you are eligible to register.

  2. Or, use the Find Programs function on the left side > choose STARSkate from the Category dropdown > choose your STARSkate level from the Category level dropdown, to also create a filtered list.

After you have selected your sessions, you will be given prompts to Add Subscriptions and to Volunteer Sign Up.

Add Subscriptions:

1) Volunteer - only check this box if you are unable or unwilling to fulfill your volunteer requirements! All others, who will be submitting their $200 post-dated cheque, should click the X in the top right corner of this section and not add to cart.

2) Private Lessons - In addition to registering for sessions, skaters must also select a private lesson package (in Uplifter jargon, referred to as "subscriptions"). This package will cover your private lessons for the full fall/winter season; no additional private lesson fees will be charged for the season (unless requested). For each level of STARSkate, there are several options available; please choose the package appropriate to your STARSkate level and progress goals. (e.g. more motivated and focussed skaters will choose the larger package options)

Volunteer Sign Up

  • The volunteer requirement is a total of 10 credits.

  • A minimum of 5 credits must be allocated to the Jingle Blades Competition.

  • Each job has an assigned number of credits, depending on the number of hours involved.

  • You will be required to sign up for your 10 credits before your registration can be completed.

  • The volunteer coordinator will be in contact at a later date, to confirm times, details and specific responsibilities.

  • Board members are exempt from the volunteer requirement, as they already fulfill well more than the number of credits required. They should choose "Exemption - Board Member" when registering.

  • Families who are unable or unwilling to volunteer and have paid the $200 fee should choose "Exemption - Non Volunteer" when registering.

  • Skaters on the Wednesday Adult Session are exempt, although we hope they will volunteer if they can. They should choose "Exemption - Adult Skater" when registering.